DeskProto Comparison table

Comparison table shows a functionality overview of the three DeskProto Editions

The DeskProto software is available in three different editions:

  • the DeskProto Entry Edition is the lowcost edition: all that is needed for basic CNC machining
  • the DeskProto Expert Edition includes all available features, however only for 3-axis machining
  • the DeskProto Multi-Axis Edition is the flagship edition: all features plus 4-axis and 5-axis machining

In order to decide which edition will suit your needs you can use the Comparison Table shown below. Or you can of course use it to compare DeskProto with other CAM programs.

Entry Edition:
Expert Edition:
Multi-Axis Edition:
File import:

3D file import (stl, dxf, vrml)

2D file import (dxf, eps, ai)
Bitmap file import (jpg, gif, bmp)
2D/3D, number of axes:      
Three axis 3D machining
Basic 2D machining
4th axis support: Rotary machining    
4th axis support: indexed machining    
5th axis support: indexed machining    
Roughing options
Parallel to X-axis
Crosswise, Block, Waterlines, Outer contour  
Parallel at custom angle, circular, spiral  
Automatic speed reduction for high chiploads  
Meander / climb / conventional  
project 2D contour on 3D geometry  
User interface:
Both Wizard and non-wizard interface
User-configurable postprocessor
Easy tree navigation with light bulb icons
Show undercuts (downward faces)
Script wizards  
123waxring Wizard    
Partial machining:
Build a model in separate slices (segments)  
Machine a limited area only (Operation segm.)  
Freeform segments  
Nested freeform segments  
Skip ambient area and/or borders  
Other features:
64 bits version (for very large STL files)
3D simulation (part preview rendering)
Send toolpaths directly to (Roland) machine
Bitmap-to-Relief conversion
project bitmap relief on 3D geometry  
Inverse milling (male to female conversion)  
Support blocks (for two-sided milling)  
Translation options (set the WP zero point)  
Collet collision check  


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