Pictures provided by our customers

Here you can get an overview of the various opportunities of manufacturing and developing by using our controllers...


Modelling crane



  • Many of our customers are using WinPC-NC for modelling work. They produce their own models with our software and their own CNC-machine.





Sandstone editing



  • A customer from Bali uses WinPC-NC for a part of his sandstone production. The important thing at this work is the precise working at the product.


Building caption e.g. for companies





Mobile phone holder for bicycles





Surface of control panels with anodised aluminium



Decoration elements for synagogues


  • Dear Mr Burkhard Lewetz,
    I send you some pitures. This product is made by your software. Thanks for your help. Have a nice day.
    Gadi Ardenzi

    OR - EL LTD
    84 BEN TZVI STR.

  • WinPC-NC Professional


Guitar manufacturer Duttinger


  • Markus Duttlinger, Dutti Guitars & Basses, Bangkok, Thailand

  • WinPC-NC Economy


Jewellery and decoration made of wood



  • WinPC-NC Economy

Mould making for model airplanes


  • Roland Sommer, Taiwan

  • WinPC-NC Professional


3D milling of dinosaurs‘ skeletons parts



  • WinPC-NC Professional


Laser engraving


  • WinPC-NC Economy


Milling of dental crowns and dental bridges


  • Dental-CNC-Technik HEIZ


Flame cutting and screen projection


  • WinPC-NC Professional

  • Zanner Fräsanlagen, A-Lambrechtshausen


Individually milled packaging inserts made of styrofoam or plastic foam



Mould making at ACCENTform GmbH



  • Sculpture in order from SUBARU for the Moscow Motorshow in 2008

  • WinPC-NC Economy


Model making for the architectural sector and especially for exhibition structures




  • WinPC-NC Professional



3D landscape reliefs


  • PC-NC in museum Albersdorf


Dispensing of area contours of painted windows and doors



  • WinPC-NC Professional with special dispensing function



Actual pictures of the 3D wire saw



  • DRAMET - Draht und Metallbau GmbH - Die Spezialisten für Diamantbandsägen und Diamantdrahtsägen.



Milling of helmet parts and helmet visors for athletes


  • WinPC-NC Professional with special Teachin-function

  • in the Olympic Winter Games the helmets from Japan and Finland were build with this version


Cutting of truck frame parts at FIAT-Iveco


  • PC-NC

  • machine from our partner in Italy RONCHINI


Milling of deepdrawing moulds for blister packaging


  • WinPC-NC Professional

  • Zirps Verpackungen


Machine equipped with double head system for cardboard cutting



  • WinPC-NC Professional

  • Machine with 2 Z-axes and 2 tangential-axes


Jewellery production and refinement




  • WinPC-NC Economy und Professional

  • Thomas Knauf Design (


3D milling of plastics inserts


  • WinPC-NC Professional with CNCCON W4


Laser welding



  • WinLaser

  • CNC-Control


Milling of shape CDs


  • WinPC-NC


High precision milling machine



  • CNCCON W4 and own application


Cutting plotter for passepartouts


  • CNCCON with own application

  • Firma Weissenberger AG, CH-Rebstein,


Milling of mobile phone shells





Musical instruments


  • PC-NC


Thinning of stamping dies


  • PC-NC


Production of casting molds and vulcanizing molds


  • WinPC-NC Professional with CNCMAX4/60


Laser cutting of cardboards


  • WinPC-NC


Flame cutting



  • WinPC-NC


Hologram manufacturing


  • Sonderversion von PC-NC


Milling and drilling of prototype boards


  • WinPC-NC


Partial fabrication in the model-making sector





  • WinPC-NC oder PC-NC


Dooming of adhesive labels


  • WinPC-NC


Manufacturing propellers for ultra-light aircrafts


  • WinPC-NC Professional 



Milling at knife production


  • PC-NC


3D relief milling



  • WinPC-NC und PC-NC


Band saw with 2-axis feed rate


  • PC-Posi



Shell game demonstration at the trade fair


  • PC-Posi


3D wire saw



  • PC-NC

  • DRAMET - Draht und Metallbau GmbH - Die Spezialisten für Diamantbandsägen und Diamantdrahtsägen.



Laser labeling

LaserbeschriftungLaserbeschriftung Zoom



Machine for engravings on the inside of rings

Ringinnengravuren Ringgravur



Covering bratwurst rolls

Bratwurst Bratwurstschnecken


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