• 26.04.2019 - WinPC-NC Version 3.40/05 is now available Open or Close

    We published a new revision of WinPC-NC Version 3.40 today. The update can be loaded and installed like usual. You can find some detailled information of how to update you current installation here. The update can be loaded directly to all computers, which have already a running WinPC-NC version 3.xx installed.

    The new functions of version 3.40 will be described more detailled in the how to section soon.

    If you are stil using an old version 2.xx, please do not hesitate to contact us by mail for more information about the update from version 2.xx to 3.xx. Please do not forget to send us your WinPC-NC serial number with your request.


  • 27.12.2017 - Update from WinPC-NC version 2.X to 3.0 Open or Close

    From the 12th January 2018 we charge a small fee of 39,- Euro for all WinPC-NC updates from version 2.X to 3.0, which were bought after the 1st October 2016. WinPC-NC licenses, which were bought before the 1st October 2016 can also be updated for a small fee of 39,- Euro. For more information please have a look into our price list.

    Please notice, that all updates within version 3 are free again. Further informations about the changes in version 3 can be found here.


    We need your full adress, serial number of software and serial number of USB hardware or axis controller for an update. Please send these information via e-mail to We answer immediately with the next steps.

  • 15.12.2017 - Merry Christmas Open or Close

    We wish all our customers, users and partners merry christmas and a good start into the new year 2018. We would like to thank you for the good cooperation in the last year.
    In this year it was a pleasure for us to integrate your wishes and suggestions in the new version 3.0 of WinPC-NC. We will continue there in 2018.

    Burkhard Lewetz


  • 05.06.2017 - Hardware requirements version 3 / demo Open or Close

    With the new version 3.0 the requirements to the PC hardware have increased. If you want to test the software before updating or ordering, you are invited to load the current demo of WinPC-NC version 3 here. This demonstration can be unpacked and started without installation and you can test the handlin, new graphical functions and even simulate a full job in real time. Machine controlling is simulated only.

  • 29.05.2017 - WinPC-NC 3.0 and introduction price Open or Close

    WinPC-NC 3.0 is now for all WinPC-NC Professional, WinPC-NC USB und WinPC-NC Starter versions available. Additionally we offer special introduction prices for our software.

    WinPC-NC 3.0 has a lot of new features. An overview can be find here as PDF document.

    To start easy, all profiles built in the 2.5 version, can be transfered into 3.0 version.

    The Update from version 2.X to 3.0 is free for all license, that was bought after the 1st October 2016 (only for orders until the 12th January 2018, after 39,- Euro). The invoice number or the serial number on the CD is enough as proof. We deliver all other updates for a small fee of 39,- Euro. For more information please have a look into our price list. Please notice, that all updates within version 3.X are free again.

    We need your full adress, serial number of software and serial number of USB hardware or axis controller for an update. Please send these information via e-mail to We answer immediately with the next steps.


    Introduction prices

    To make WinPC-NC 3.0 even more attractive, we offer the following introduction prices:


    Article Category of
    price** (€) incl.
    gross amount
    price** (€) excl.
     net amount
    WinPC-NC new license
     WinPC-NC Light with nc100 1 149.00 125.21
     WinPC-NC USB with ncUSB 2 279.00 234.45
    WinPC-NC USB Upgrade from...
    WinPC-NC Starter with already existing Stepcraft USB module 0 159.00 133.61

    WinPC-NC Light with already existing

    0 149.00 125.21
    WinPC-NC Economy 2 129.00 108.40
    Hardware change (only usb versions)
    ncUSB as change for nc100 2 59.00 49.58
    ncUSB as change for Stepcraft USB
    2 99.00 83.19

    ** The Introduction price is valid until 15. July 2017.

  • 11.12.2016 – Merry Christmas Open or Close

    We wish you a Merry Christmas and a perfect start into the new year.

    Please note that our office is closed from 23th december to the 2th january 2017. During this time we will try to answer your question by e-mail.

  • 07.12.2016 – Postprocessor for WinPC-NC in Fusion-360 Open or Close

    Since now you can find a standalone WinPC-NC postprocessor for the great CAD/CAM program Fusion-360 of Autodesk under the following link.

  • 10.10.2016 – Additional function improvement for the handwheel HR-10 Open or Close

    According to users request we expanded the functionality of our handwheel HR-10.

    • better monitoring of machine limits
    • axes speed according to turning speed of wheel

    Free updates for registered users are available.

  • 02.09.2016 – Profile administration in WinPC-NC Open or Close

    The current version of WinPC-NC offers an option to save your complete settings as a profile file with a meaningful name. This function can be used for quick change between different applications or for the recommended backup and archiving of your optimal settings. It is also very helpful to sent the profile in attachment with any support questions to us.

  • 31.05.2016 – Pendant/Handwheel for WinPC-NC Open or Close

    After different customer requests we offer a pendant for comfortably operating WinPC-NC at your machine. First type is HR-10 and more types are coming soon.

    The HR-10 pendant supports the following functions:

    • Selection of one from four axes with LED indicator
    • Very precise positioning from a 100 step rotary wheel
    • Step by step movement with selectable distance
    • Continous move while turning the wheel
    • Special speed mode with selectable speed
    • Start/Stop of loaded jobs
    • Save and move to zero points
    • Switching on/off drilling spindle and mister/cooling

    More information can be down loaded here as pdf document.

  • 18.04.2016 – Special prices for the new Filou NC 16 version Open or Close

    The new version of Filou NC 16 is available now. With a few new functions like geometry, CAM, Manager, Backplot and 3D-simulation. We want to make the update particularly attractive so we have special update prices from now to the 1st June 2016. You will find the special prices in the table below.
    For more information or your order please write an e-mail to


    Article Category of
    Price (€) incl.
    gross amount

    Price (€) excl.
     net amount

    Updates for Filou NC for WinPC-NC (temporary prices)

    Filou NC16 for WinPC-NC basic of previous versions of Filou NC for WinPC-NC basic

    0 65.00 54.62
    Filou NC16 for WinPC-NC expert of previous versions of Filou NC for WinPC-NC expert 0 113.00 94.96
    Filou NC16 for WinPC-NC open of previous versions of Filou NC for WinPC-NC open 0 165.00 138.66


  • 04.02.2016 – 5000th ncUSB hardware Open or Close

    Today we have delivered our 5000th ncUSB modul and because of this jubilee we have decided to give the whole WinPC-NC USB license for free. The new user Mister Andreas Aigner from Geiselhöring in Germany was happy about this and we wish him good success with this software.


    Apart from our ncUSB hardware we have programmed and sent over 4000 more hardware modules and according software to special OEM partners. With this result our WinPC-NC USB is our bestselling product, followed by WinPC-NC Economy and WinPC-NC Professional.



  • 02.01.2016 – Deskproto Service Release Open or Close

    DeskProtos offers a service release which repairs an error in the license management. With this error DeskProto cannot restart in the new Year 2016.
    We recommend to download the update and install it.

  • 16.12.2015 – Merry Christmas Open or Close

    We wish all our customers and partners Merry Christmas and a good start into the new year. At this point we thank you for the good cooperation and the confidence to us this year. We are looking forward to 2016.

    Please note that our office is closed from 23th december to the 7th january 2016.

  • 01.10.2015 – New pictures and user comments Open or Close

    Our power user Clemens Vater from Aulendorf, Germany gave us some new pictures of his great work using WinPC-NC Professional, which we want to share with you here.

    In addition we received a few new user comments on operating with WinPC-NC. You can finde them here.


  • 21.08.2015 – Compatibility of Windows 10 Open or Close

    WinPC-NC Starter, USB and Professional are full compatible with Windows 10 and run without any problems under both versions (32- and 64-bit).

  • 20.05.2015 – Office closed Open or Close

    Our office will be closed from May 23 until May 31. We cannot ship any goods and will not be reachable by phone. Please contact us by mail and we try to answer within one day.

  • 13.05.2015 – Information about the manuals Open or Close

    With the new version 2.5 of WinPC-NC the manuals are revised. Now they have lots of new information and we decided not to send a printed manual automatically. With every installation of WinPC-NC you get a manual in PDF format. If you wish a printed manual, you can order or reorder this for an extra charge of 5 Euro.

  • 01.05.2015 – New WinPC-NC version 2.5 with CAM-functions Open or Close

    WinPC-NC is now available with CAM functions for all 2D formats with tool diameter compensation, new sorting and many other functions more.

    There is a free update for all registered useres. To receive a download link please write an email to with your serial number.

    For more information about the new version 2.5 you have to click here.

  • 20.02.2015 – Presentation of our new homepage Open or Close

    After many years we have revised and up-dated our homepage and as of today the new one is presented online. For a better user-orientation we introduced various modifications and created a new layout. As an additional innovation we integrated an english version of the various categories for our customers abroad.

  • 05.01.2015 – A happy new year Open or Close

    Happy, healthy and successful new year to all our partners, customers and friends. We look forward to the continued successful collaboration in the future.

  • 07.11.2014 – FILOU NC 12 for WinPC-NC Open or Close

    Due to repeated requests of our customers we are now in the position to supply in addition to the basic and expert version of Filou NC 12 for WinPC-NC also an open version. All versions, including the open version, can be acquired for a reduced price within 30 days after purchasing WinPC-NC.This means the price for FilouNC 12 for WinPC-NC open version is 499,- euros and it is especially conceived for WinPC-NC users with high professional
    demands. Many addtional applications can now be realized, e.g. creating own macros & cycles, using own postprocessors for various applications and much more besides.

    Other newly integrated features are the connection between backplot and CNC editor (associative) and the capability for detailed analyzing. This version can be updated from previous NC 12 versions of the WinPC-NC line.

    A test version can be obtained by the following links:


  • 08.07.2014 – Compatibility of WinPC-NC Open or Close

    There are many inquiries concerning the compatibility of our various versions of WinPC-NC, especially if it is planned to install older versions on modern computers which are running with current Windows operating systems.

    Generally, it can be stated that the versions WinPC-NC Light and WinPC-NC Economy earlier than 2010 do not run with Windows 7 becausethe realtime driver integrated at that time has not been tested nor developed. However, the versions which have been delivered on or after february 2010 are compatible with Windows 7 (32-bit).

    The date of issue of the licence can be identified by the serial number and the first two digits indicate the week number and the 3rd and 4th digit represent the corresponding year.

    The current versions as of today are compatible with...

    WinPC-NC Starter XP(32+64), Vista(32+64), W7(32+64), W8(32+64)
    WinPC-NC Light XP(only 32-Bit), Vista(only 32-Bit), W7(only 32-Bit)
    WinPC-NC Economy XP (only 32-Bit), Vista(only 32-Bit), W7(only 32-Bit)
    WinPC-NC USB XP(32+64), Vista(32+64), W7(32+64), W8(32+64)
    WinPC-NC Professional W98, W2000, XP(32+64), Vista(32+64), W7(32+64), W8(32+64)


  • 14.06.2015 – Space Mouse of 3Dconnexion Open or Close

    As of now the fantastic 3D mouses of 3DConnexion are supported by all versions of WinPC-NC and thus it is possible to control all axes intuitively by 4 degrees-of-freedom. Already the initial attempt will be a fascinating experience and besides sliding movements in 3 directions the 4th axis can simultaneously be moved by turning the mouse.

    Furthermore, it is a real new experience to use theSpace Mouse Wirless. Due to the fact that there is no cable, the mouse can be taken to machine and thus bfacilitates handling. Testings free of charge and without obligation can be orderd under
    Concerning a Space Mouse please place your order online under





  • 30.11.2013 – 3D print head Open or Close

    Stepcraft-machines , which have meanwhile proven their capabilities in many applications, are now available with a 3D print option. The complete activation is made by our WinPC-NC USB. The corresponding video can be watches here...


  • 20.04.2013 – Puppet show with our PC-Posi Open or Close

    At this year‘s Hanover trade fair you can admire anautomated puppet show on the stand of the company IGUS GmbH. The automation is partially moved and controlled with our PC-Posi.

  • 15.02.2013 – Albecker honory citizen Open or Close

    Our client, Clemens Vater from Aulendorf has manufactured a commemorative plaque for the Albecker honory cititzen Robert Bosch. All parts ofthe plaque have been manufactured and bonded by a selfmade milling plant running with WinPC-NC Professional.

  • 08.08.2012 – Flame cutting Open or Close

    We have received a fantastic video concerning a realized flame cutting plant that operates with a height control developed by the TU Munich. The video is published here.


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