The new version WinPC-NC USB can be compared with the Economy version concerning the available functions and does not require any longer an integrated LPT port. Thus this version is also applicable on modern computers, notebooks or netbooks without causing any trouble. WinPC-NC USB is supplied with a small USB box ncUSB and a corresponding cable.

The size of the ncUSB box is conform to the size of a cigarette pack and is also equipped with a 2 LPT pin compatible interface for connecting the machine. Thus WinPC-NC USB is completely compatible to all existing versions and there is no problem at all to change from WinPC-NC Light to the Economy version.

Motor control is made by the USB module. This means that it is absolutely independent to Windows and its processes and programs. The producible stepping rates add up to 80kHz with interpolated moves. Using WinPC-NC USB means being fully equipped for the future and not being dependent on integrated LPT ports.

Furthermore, there are no restrictions to be respected concerning the computer equipment. WinPC-NC USB can be used for all versions of the Windows operating systems which are actually available.


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