WinPC-NC instead of Mach3


The control program Mach3 of the Canadian company ArtSoft was developed from 2001 and is very popular all over the world. The English-language version is often included as a gray license in stepper motor products from China and offers for users a large but sometimes not quite clear and difficult to learn range of functions.

The control of the electronics and mechanics with the usual clock/direction signals for stepper motors and digital servo drives is identical to our interface, even if the standard pin assignment standard pinout does not quite match.

If the stepper motor electronics was developed for the standard pinout of Mach3 then the clock and direction signals are exactly crossed to our interface pinout. For this we offer the adapter-C which eliminates this incompatibility without any problems. But it always depends on the pin assignment of the electronics to be controlled.

All machines, which were operated with Mach3 so far, can also be operated with our WinPC-NC USB or WinPC-NC Professional and you can conveniently choose the language you want from about 25 available at WinPC-NC and have an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use Windows-standard operation.

Contact us and  we will help you with the appropriate components and offer you a simple and inexpensive change to our WinPC-NC.


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