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About the company...
We are an engineering enterprise, founded in 1989, dedicated to producing superior solutions for Computer Numeric Control (CNC). Our hardware and software solutions are used in many sectors of industry as well as by hobbyists, model makers, schools, training centers, and educational institutions.

Our software offering – WinPC-NC – serves as the basis of all of our solutions. It is an easy-to-learn, powerful, flexible, high performance, low overhead program, easily capable of handling the most complex control requirements.

Our nc100 and ncUSB external USB control modules provide an off-the-shelf, low cost, low overhead method of motion control. They are suitable for many motion control applications.

Our CNCCONS external motion controller offloads timing and CPU intensive operations from the PC. It is capable of true real-time control with the utmost stability and reliability.

We offer consulting, engineering, customization, and integration services. We have extensive experience with CNC machine applications, industrial automation, drive engineering, printing machines, robotic applications, and fieldbus systems (e. g. CAN, CANopen).

Contact us via e-mail, providing a list of your requirements. We will work with you to create a timely, cost-effective solution.

We strive to thrill our customers!


About us…
In January 1988, the electronics magazine ELEKTOR published a construction manual for a pin plotter. Pin plotters were used for creating sketches, drawings, graphics, and constructions. Their high cost made them unaffordable for hobbyists and home users.

In those days, hobbyists and home users had access to dot-matrix printers with fanfold paper for their graphical needs. The graphic features were exceedingly modest. Being able to construct a low cost, high quality pin plotter immediately roused our interest.

The article had an incomplete description of the software necessary to drive the plotter … and so our journey began.

In collaboration with former colleagues, we build a pin plotter and developed Mondrian, a control program for the pin plotter. In January 1990, ELEKTOR published an article about an improved version of the pin plotter and the Mondrian control program.

This Mondrian control program was an MS-DOS based program that rapidly evolved over the next 2-3 years. Over 1000 copies were sold. The experience gained in controlling the Mondrian plotter lead us into developing software to control stepper motors and CNC machines.

In 1993, we introduced PC-NC, an MS-DOS based universal stepper motor control program. It had primitive windowing and menu capabilities. It supported engraving, milling, and PCB drilling. PC-NC was sold world-wide, often bundled with CNC machines. Over 9000 copies were sold.

In 2000, we introduced WinPC-NC, a Windows based universal stepper motor control program. Windows support was now expected and using Windows allowed us to offer real-time responsiveness, improved ease of use, and an integrated help system.

WinPC-NC continues to evolve and improve. LPT ports have giving way to external USB offload devices, additional applications are supported (e.g. grinding, dispensing, 3D printing), documentation has been improved, multiple languages are supported, 3D job visualization is now standard… the list goes on.

Over 25000 WinPC-NC licenses have been issued across the globe… and the count keeps growing.


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