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About us...
We are an engineering enterprise and since 1989 we are dedicated to problem-solution of drive technology and particularly in the field of controlling stepper motors by computer. Our software is not only used in the hobby and modelmaking sector, in schools, training centres and educational institutes but also in many other industrial sectors.

We are supplier of specialised and customer-orientated solutions. In recent years we have developed and launched many special products for completing our standard range PC-NC, PC-Posi, WinPC-NC and CNCControl. Often we have realized projects by adapting standard products to the special requirements of the customer's hardware. Additional and improved functions have been engineered on this basis.

We are gladly prepared to realize the utmost solution for your needs concerning application, machine or for any other positioning problem. Contact us by e-mail and give a brief discription of your problem. We will apply all our expertise in creating and realizing an individual, extensive, intelligent and acceptable solution for your customers. If there should be the necessity for integrating unknown experience concerning special projects, we make use of collaboration with other companies or freelance staff in order to meet the objective.
The most important thing for us is to satisfy our clients.

The beginning..., let's start with a flashback !
In January 1988 the well-known (in Germany) electronic magazine ELEKTOR published a construction manual for pin plotters which arouse our interest immediately. In those days dot-matrix printers with fanfold paper were available on the market and considered as standard.The corresponding graphic features were exceedingly modest. Pin plotters have regularly been used for creating sketches, drawings, graphics and constructions. A significant disadvantage of these pin plotters was the extremely high price and thus often unaffordable for home users.

Based on these facts, the article and the construction manual were of great concern to us, although the required software and the corresponding activation has been described only to some extent and still has not been available.

In collaboration with former colleagues we produced the Mondrian plotter and developed the first control software which was immediately taken up by ELEKTOR. They published a corresponding article in the january issue of 1990 together with a report concerning an improved construction set.
This Mondrian control software which formerly run on MS-DOS as well as further innovations and development based on it, have been sold  nearly 1000 times in the following 2 – 3 years. Meanwhile we produce success and experience for more than 25 years concerning the control of stepper motor drives.

As from 1993 PC-NC was available as universal control program with windows-orientated graphics display and various menue functions. Besides engraving and milling jobs, the program also allows any kind of drilling jobs for board manufacturing. The past 10 years we applied all our expertise in innovating and improving various versions of PC-NC which have been sold worldwide even as initial equipment together with CNC machines.

As from 2000 we supplied the first versions of WinPC-NC which were running on the usual Windows operating system. As opposed to MS-DOS the WinPC-NC versions are providing a more userfriendly and convenient operating. Changing to WinPC-NC did not cause any trouble for the user because any terminology, operating philosophy and above all the pin assignment have been observed and maintained as far as possible. Over the last years the first WinPC-NC version with external CPU board has been equipped and upgraded by additional versions with USB port or LPT control in realtime under Windows and with USB port. Up to now, more than 20000 licences have been issued accross the globe.

Additional expertise...
Due to many years of experience and professional activity and due to the collaboration with ifm electronic GmbH, Positec GmbH, BERGER LAHR and Schneider Electric, we gained an extensive know-how not only in the field of industrial automation and drive engineering but also in printing machines, handling operations, robot applications and fieldbus systems (e. g. CAN, CANopen). We are also prepared to provide competent assistance concerning the integration of current products in industrial environments.


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