FAQ for all versions of WinPC-NC

  • What is the difference between update and upgrade? Open or Close

    An update is defined as the latest and actual version of an identical software. This means the prior WinPC-NC Light version is replaced by the actual WinPC-NC Light version within the same operating system.

    An upgrade means exchanging a version by an improved and innovated software which provides much more functions. For example, the user may acquire an upgrade of WinPC-NC Light to WinPC-NC USB. Up to now, any updates to the actual version within the same operating system have been offered free of charge. Concerning upgrades to an improved and innovated version and when returning the used or outdated software, we credit for the prior purchase price.

    Updates and Upgrades are always subject to registration of the current licence.

  • Is it possible to upgrade the existing version? Open or Close

    Of course, it is possible to replace all versions of WinPC-NC with improved and innovated ones. When ordering or returning used or outdated versions we always credit for almost the complete prior purchase price.
    Upgrades are always subject to registration of the current licence.
    Any required assistance concerning the upgrade can be obtained here.

  • Explanations concerning updates for other versions! Open or Close

    Contact us by mail, to info@lewetz.de, indicating your serial number and ask for an update. If you are not registered by now, please complete the mail by indicating your name and address. We will reply by a download link for the latest version.

  • The required Windows versions for running WinPC-NC Open or Close

    Actually and as at January 2015 our WinPC-NC versions require for operation the following  systems:  

    WinPC-NC Starter XP (32+64), Vista (32+64), W7(32+64), W8(32+64)
    WinPC-NC Light XP (only 32-bit), Vista(only 32-bit), W7(only 32-bit)
    WinPC-NC Economy XP (only32-bit), Vista(only 32-bit), W7(only 32-bit)
    WinPC-NC USB    XP(32+64), Vista(32+64), W7(32+64), W8(32+64)
    WinPC-NC Professional W98,W2000, XP(32+64), Vista(32+64), W7(32+64), W8(32+64)


  • Is it possible to use WinPC-NC with Apple computers or Linux machines? Open or Close

    Some of our customers report that are able to use WinPC-NC USB and WinPC-NC Professional  in virtual machines running Windows.

    VMware Fusion and Parallels Desktop are both reported to work well on Apple machines. KVM is reported to work well on Linux machines.

  • Where are the main differences between the various versions? Open or Close

    WinPC-NC is available in various versions, which are differing in price and functionality. In this way we can provide an individual and suitable version according to any applicability and budget.

    WinPC-NC Starter and WinPC-NC Light are providing any required functions for engraving and milling two-dimensional and extensive workpieces or for drilling prototype boards. Please note, that WinPC-NC Starter is only available in combination with particular model-making machines or assembly kits, it is not possible to order separately.

    WinPC-NC Economy and WinPC-NC USB are equipped with much more functions and besides controlling a 4th axis they master any 3D operation. Other significant functions are: tangential section, tool changer, tool length measuring and tool length compensation, stop, restarting and continuing the job and much more besides...

    Deciding for WinPC-NC Professional means deciding for the best solution for any professional and industrial use. It provides a great variety of additional options, e.g. 24V signals suitable for being integrated into the control cabinet, a monitored  tool changer, several technical functions for dosing, flame cutting and plasma arc cutting as well as extensive safety functions. Furthermore, it can easily be connected to other machine components and PLCs. WinPC-NC Light and WinPC-NC Economy are controlling the connected machine by the LPT printer ports of the computer. With the other versions, the connection is effected by USB port.

  • I upgrade my machine and there are no LPT ports. Help! Open or Close

    LPT ports are no longer included in today's PCs. PCIe LPT port cards are hard to find and often do not well. We recommend upgrading to WinPC-NC USB.
    Your existing cables can be connected to an nc100 or ncUSB . Be sure to use the USB cable that comes with WinPC-NC USB.

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