WinPC-NC Professional

WinPC-NC Professional which is available for years is now equipped with an external axis controller CPU and meets any requirements of industrial applications. By outsourcing all time-critical realtime functions concerning the axis controller an absolute stable and constant run is guaranteed, it is reproducable and independent of system influences or any other kind of installed or in the background running programs.

WinPC-NC Professional is used thousand of times for more than 15 years worldwide and provides proof for ist reliable and precise operation in various applications day-to-day. The axis controller which is part of the package is available in divers types. Optionally it is equipped with signal adapters, additional input/output modules or external keypads for a userfriendly setting-up operation. Connection to the Windows computer is made by a serial connecting cable or by being linked to a USB serial adapter. Then it manages its control tasks absolutely reliably and autonomously.

Offering CNCMAX control systems means also offering complete control systems with stepper motor power stages up to 7A phase current and WinPC-NC Professional, completely assembled in an innovative and stylish desk housing made of stainless steel for easy commissioning. Thus the user benefits from a trouble-free co-operation of all components which are well-matched.